Celebrate Spring with colourful Seedlings!

Why are seedlings in six packs a good option for gardeners that want to create instant colour and interest?

1. At around R29.95 per sixpack it’s economical! If you plant it early enough in the season you will have months of colour!

2. Annual flowering seedlings are most of the time more colourful than perennials – in order to attract as many pollinators as possible. For this reason it’s ideal to use these eye catching plants in focal areas of the garden – around a water feature, at the entrance of your home or around the patio where you spend most of your time.

3. Annuals are basically classified into two categories: winter or summer flowering. Although you will have to replace your annuals twice a year, the advantage of this is that you will see and experience seasonal changes in your garden – Petunias and Marigolds in the summer for instance, and Primula and Viola which is associated with winter in the colder months.

4. Annuals are easy to plant! No deep and large holes to prepare – as it doesn’t have a large root system. Also easy to remove after flowering – if you want to replace it with something else.

5. A great way to involve the kids and to get them outside! Children can very easily plant annuals themselves and will quickly see the fruit of their labour – as annuals grow quickly and many new flowers will be produced in a short period of time.

6. Annuals quickly give the desired effect – especially close to Christmas and school holidays – when you want your garden to look at its best. But don’t wait too long to plant your flowering annuals. Calculate backwards from your event date to work out how much time you need to get your garden looking at its best.

7. In new gardens annuals can fill open spaces that’s not yet filled and covered by perennial plants.

8. Twice a year you can give your garden a makeover! Try different annuals each time – a great way to experiment with new colours and varieties on the market.

9. Annuals are versatile! Plant them in beds, as a border along a walkway, in pots, hanging baskets – there are so many options!

10.Flowering annuals in pots are ideal to add colour and accent to a specific area in the garden or even on the patio. You can even move it around as you wish.

How to successfully plant seedlings:

The first thing to know about planting seedlings, is to never plant them too deep – plant it at the same level as they were in the trays – if planted too deep, the stem rots.

Secondly, never firm down too hard, as this can push them in too deep. Lightly firm them and water gently afterwards. The water will also help to settle the seedling in.

Water the seedling tray before planting out. And don’t plant them out into dry soil.

Space the seedlings according to the information on the plant label. Correct spacing will ensure adequate air circulation and will thus prevent fungal diseases.

For your bedding plants to perform at their best, feed them with a fertilizer once every 2/3 weeks.

Don’t plant Petunias in the same spot every year – alternate with another sun loving plant, like Marigolds. This is good for all bedding plants to prevent disease building up in the soil.

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