Tough plants for Coastal gardens

Plants in coastal gardens need to be tough!

They have to withstand seasonal gale-force winds, resist the damage caused by salt-laden breezes and grow in sandy soils.

Plants selected for gardens at holiday homes also need to be able to endure periods with little water.

Sounds like a tall order?

...Luckily there are attractive plants which fit the bill; pick the right ones and you’re sure to have success!

(Photo: Alan Rudnicki)

*Strelitzia reginae

(Photo shared from, Veronica Navallez-Guaracha)

*Salvia leucantha & Agave attenuata


*Tough, leathery grey leaves

that reflect the heat and often have a protective covering of hairs.

*coastal silver oak (Brachylaena discolor)

(Photo shared from

*Arctotis sp.

(Photo shared from

*mock olive (Buddleia saligna)

(Photo shared from

*Leaves with hairs

slows down air movement past the stomata, which reduces water loss.

*lamb's ear (Stachys)

(Photo shared from The herb gardener)

*beach sage (Salvia africana-lutea)

(Photo shared from

*kooigoed (Helichrysum petiolare)

(Photo shared from

*Leaves with a shiny or waxy coating

that reflect the sun, reduce surface evaporation and deflect salt.

*white milkwood (Sideroxylon inerme)

(Photo shared from

*mirror plant (Coprosma)

(Photo shared from, photo: tesselaarusa)

*num-num (Carissa macrocarpa)

(Photo shared from Aliaa Shemari on Pinterest)

*pig's ear / plakkie (Cotyledon orbiculata)

(Photo shared from

*aloe / aalwyn (Aloe sp.)

(Photo shared from The Gardener magazine)

*indian hawthorn (Raphiolepis sp.)

(Photo shared from

*Tiny needle-like leaves

whose leaves roll up to reduce evaporation.

*buchu (Agathosma sp.)

(Photo shared from

*confetti bush (Coleonema sp.)

(Photo shared from

*rosemary (Rosmarinus sp.)

(Photo shared from

*Erica sp.

(Photo shared form Arnelia)


store water in thick fleshy leaves:

*rock rose (Echeveria sp.)

(Photo: Cape Garden)

*Crassula sp.

(Photo shared from Plant lust)

*vygies (eg. Lampranthus sp.)

(Photo shared from

*Plants with lighter leaves on one side

to turn the lighter side upwards to reflect the sun away – when stressed.

*wild olive (Olea europaea)

(Photo shared from

*Gazania sp.

(Photo shared from

*Buddleja sp.

(Photo shared from

*Plants with a strong internal skeleton

support the leaf and prevents wilting during dry spells.

*thatching reed (Elegia tectorum)

(Photo shared from

*crane flower (Strelitzia reginae)

(Photo shared from @yublueforest on Instagram)

*Agave sp.

(Photo: Cape Garden)

Happy Coastal Gardening!

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