TIPS for the month of AUGUST

August is a cold one in the garden! Although there are days when you will doubt it, Spring is on its way! The weather will soon begin to warm and the shadows will get shorter.

In the meanwhile, keep a close eye on invading snails and weeds this month;

and if you haven't pruned your roses yet, don't worry - it's not too late!


Snails and slugs are especially active during damp spells. So make sure you keep an eye out this month for any signs of snail or slug damage on your plants.

For gardeners who care about the environment and animals, Ferramol from

Biogrow can be used with a clear conscience to control these garden trouble makers!

This certified organic product is a unique blend of an iron phosphate active ingredient – originating from soil.

Evening is the best time to apply the bait, as slugs and snails travel and feed mostly by night or in the early mornings.


Catch weeds early so they don’t become problematic!

With all the nice winter rains we've received, weeds can quickly take over the garden.

In winter rainfall areas, it's especially important to mow / remove winter grass before it sets seed.

And then, as soon as the weather warms up, the weeds magically appear en masse again, so don't forget about this garden task, and weed them out before they set seed again!

Mulching the soil not only conserves water but also helps to smother emerging weeds; so if you have not mulched your beds yet do so without delay.


In most temperate parts of the country July is traditionally the time to prune; but you can still safely prune now if you get it done quickly before new growth begins.

(Delaying for another week or two is not detrimental but will result in your roses

flowering later than normal.)

In very cold regions pruning is usually delayed until the middle of August. In the winter rainfall regions pruning starts from the end of July to August; and in warm subtropical regions you can prune from June to early August.

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