Keep the kids busy this winter!

As the winter’s fingers get more ice cold, and tasks in the garden get fewer, why not experiment a bit with new ideas?!

A very simple idea, but very rewarding, is growing vegetables and herbs in containers. Not only can the project be productive; it’s also a great idea to keep the kids busy when they can’t go outside to play.

Your container can be made of anything!

Be creative: use recycled products, like big yoghurt tubs or old coffee tins. (Just be sure to make drainage holes at the bottom of your container).

Make sure your container has some drainage holes at the bottom. Also keep in mind that your container needs to be wide and deep enough – especially for vegetables like carrots.

Fill your containers with proper potting soil. You can add some peat moss or vermiculite to the soil to help to keep more moisture in the soil.

If you are using seedlings from Cape Garden, plant them directly in the container. But if you are sowing seeds, you need to remember to keep them indoors for a while – especially if the temperature is getting very cold outside.

Once the seedlings are big enough, move your containers to an area that gets 5 – 6 hours of sun per day.

What to sow in June: Beetroot, cabbage, carrots, broad beans, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, peas, parsley, spinach, radishes and turnips.

What seedlings to plant in June: Some lettuce types, fennel (bronze), thyme, marjoram, calendula, chives and garlic chives.

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