Start planting/sowing these root veggies in your small garden now

(Nov. 2020)

Although it may not yet feel like it some days, Autumn is almost in full swing, and root vegetables, like carrots, beetroot, onions, turnips and radishes, prefer these cooler growing conditions.

Experienced gardeners claim that Autumn planted carrots are much sweeter, radishes crisper and beetroot better developed.

Root vegetables are excellent crops for small gardens!

because their growth is downward – they take up very little space but rewards with good yield.

*Photo shared from Women who farm


To grow root vegetables successfully, remember the following:

A good depth of soil (30cm) is necessary. The soil need to be worked over well, all sticks and stones that might interfere with the development of the roots, removed from the soil.

Light soil, on the sandy side, is best for root vegetables.

Root crops don’t like soil that contains lots of manure or fresh compost – as this encourages the tops to develop at the expense of the roots. Bone meal added to the soil give the best results.

They all do well in a sunny position.

Soil should be kept moist during germination, but not sodden.

Plants need to be thinned out to the spacing recommended on the seed packet so that the roots have space to develop.

*Photo shared from

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